Dr. Megh R. Goyal: OSU Proud
By Ivonne García
Dr. Megh R. Goyal advises Latin@ students to participate in student and leadership activities at OSU.

At the University of Puerto Rico Maya-güez Campus, Dr. Megh R. Goyal is known as the Father of Irrigation Engineering for his pioneering work to increase the area of drip irrigation in the island’s agriculture.

A professor of Biomedical and Agricultural Engineering, Goyal graduated from OSU in 1977 with a master’s degree and in 1979 with a Ph.D., both in Agricultural Engineering. In a career that spans more than 35 years, Goyal has worked in private industry, government and academia.

Goyal believes that OSU can benefit greatly from recruiting Hispanic/Latin@s for graduate and faculty positions. “By the year 2050, the Hispanic population in the U.S. will exceed that of non-Hispanics,” Goyal notes, adding that Hispanic/Latin@s will also contribute to the transfer of technology to the southern hemisphere of the Americas. “If given the opportunity, Hispanics can become diligent and productive scientists.”

Goyal’s advice to upcoming Hispanic/Latin@ students at OSU is to take their chosen profession seriously. “Participate in the student and leadership activities at OSU and in Columbus. We learn more by sharing, and we are unique not only because of our culture and language, but also because of our personal experience.”

Originally from India, Goyal is proud of being an OSU alumnus. “We must keep the name of OSU high at all times, in all places and in every opportunity. Think tall and walk tall.”

Winter 2006

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