Spring 2005

Esquina de la Editora
Hispanic/Latin@ Diversity and Identity
by Ligia Lundine


What’s In a Name?
By Ignacio Corona

On the Cultural Diversity of Latin America
By Abril Trigo

Hispanic/Latin@ Diversity and Identity: A New Paradigm
By Ligia Lundine

What Does Being Hispanic/
Latin@ Mean to You?
Opinions from students, faculty, staff and members of the community

Alpha Psi Lambda:
20 Years of Tradición y Familia

Demography – Hispanic/Latin@ Population in the U.S.A.
By Víctor J. Mora

A Poem
By Noe Tirado-Muñiz

Portuguese at Ohio State and Curitiba, Brazil
By Professor Lúcia Costigan

A Place to Stand: Implications of Latin@ Diversity
By Ernesto R. Escoto and Gonzalo Bruce

Understanding Latin@ Diets: One Research Group’s Efforts to Empower Fellow Latin@s
By Cristine Masters

The Trivia Question of the Week: Participating Restaurants

In Every Issue:

Graduates Achieving their Goals at OSU! Winter 2005

Su opinión
Latin@ or Hispanic: Does It Make a Difference?
By Ivonne García

Snapshot of Activities

Study Abroad
Paella, Siestas, and Studying, Oh My!
By Leslie Dunstan

Food Review
Chase Away Those Early Spring Blues
By By Anisa Shomo


Faculty Profile
Patricia Enciso - Education: “One of the most cherished, democratic and liberatory spaces.”
By Ligia Lundine

Juan Alfonzo - The Science of Persistence and Dedication
By Ligia Lundine

Graduate Student
Rosario Barbieri

Undergraduate Student
Luís Sanchez


From the Sunny Beaches of Southern California to the Flatlands of Central Ohio
By Luís Sanchez

Luís Sanchez left behind palm trees for buckeye trees.Making the transition from the sunny beaches of Southern California to the flatlands of Central Ohio, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Going from living with my parents to a residence hall clear across the country was also questionable. And of course, making the jump from a school of merely 700 students to a student body of over 50,000 seemed a bit intimidating as well. However, deciding to attend The Ohio State University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In less than a year, I’ve managed to make life-long friends, attend incredible football and basketball games, and travel to Hong Kong. These are only a few of the things I have experienced thus far. My fear of getting lost in such a huge college disappeared when I discovered how small the campus can be when you get involved and meet new people. I can’t go from one place to another without running into someone I know. Many of these people are family to me, which has helped in dealing with being homesick.

This university offers so much, and that has made the transition much easier. I never have moments when I’m just sitting around with nothing to do because I know that there is always something going on here. There is something for everyone here at Ohio State, but it’s up to the individual student to grasp the opportunities and live the Buckeye experience to the fullest.

Luís Sanchez is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology.







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